Our philosophy

We all know the feeling of growing older. Sometimes it can feel like a battle between your body and mind: your body looks old, but you don’t feel like that at all.

We bring back the balance and harmony in the shapes of your body. Balance between the way your body and mind relate to you growing old.

This is how we work on the most beautiful version of yourself. From the inside to the outside.

To do so, we give everything we can.

All our work is based on our Mittsu philosophy: 3 pillars that bring harmony your body: soul, skin and science.

We ensure balance and harmony between body and mind. We work from a place of deep knowledge about surgery, skin repair and the natural balance of the body.

How we work

Sometimes harmony in the body can be restored by surgery. An surgery itself always causes damage to the skin tissues. The body itself is exceptionally well able to repair that damage. This does result in scars, but they are not always beautiful.

To cure scars as beautifully as possible, we have developed a way to help the body recover, based on extensive scar research and years of experience.

Our method is made up of three phases: prepare, protect, regenerate.


From two weeks before the surgery you prepare your body and mind as good as possible for the operation. To boost your immune system supplements are taken and crème applied on the wound area. You refrain from smoking, alcohol, coffee and tea.

To stimulate the blood circulation we provide exercises.
And most important: To be at ease and prepare your mind for the surgery we will tell you how to achieve that.


Up to six weeks after the operation, we provide excellent protection for the wound and the area around it.

You apply protective crème on the wound site and further stimulate the immune system by taking special supplements.
Supporting tape is applied and you start to wear protective garments.
No sports activity is allowed.


In the last phase we stimulate the scar to heal nicely nicely by applying a crème and by taking supplements that reduces excess inflammation. You can exercise for further reduction of edema.