Our philosophy

We strive for balance and harmony between your body & mind. You want to be as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. If the feeling about yourself does not match what you look like, then it can bother you. For example, you may feel that certain proportions of your body or face are not correct. Or, over the years that have passed, you have lost your natural shine. You don’t shine anymore. It affects your confidence, your enjoyment of life or your sense of happiness.

We help you to restore the balance, to be at ease with yourself. By looking very closely, listening and feeling who you are inside and what you need to let your inner beauty shine on the outside. Every person is unique and no treatment is the same. That is why good coordination with each other is so important. We are fully committed to that. With our professionalism, our personal attention and dedication.

Our Pillars

So at Mittsu we work from the inside out. Our philosophy is based on three main pillars:

• The balance between inside and outside
At Mittsu we pay attention to the inside. Why? Because we are convinced that inside and outside are in close contact with each other. We know from science and from our own experience that when you feel balanced and relaxed, a treatment also gives a better result. Simply because the healing process works better. That is why we do everything during the treatment process to ensure that you feel completely at ease.

• The skin, the delicate border between inside and outside
The skin is the delicate boundary between the inside and the outside. With our extensive knowledge and experience about care and healing of the skin, we ensure the best recovery conditions. This way your body will regain its natural balance as soon as possible.

• Science, how can it be done even better?
At Mittsu institute, we consider medical science of paramount importance. We strive for the highest quality and safety for you. Surgical interventions are always based on sound scientific insights and experience. With proven methods that have been well researched and show clearly improved results. At Mittsu we are always curious about how it can be done even better and more beautiful. We contribute to this ourselves. Through research and publications in renowned medical journals.

How do we work?

Whether you come for a skin treatment or a surgical procedure, every change or adjustment is tailormade to the smallest details. Good coordination is therefore of great importance. We work with very experienced people who assist you from the first consultation to the final follow-up. There is
plenty of time and space to map out your wishes and expectations. We inform you about the options that suit you. We will draw up a treatment plan with you during the consultation. In addition, we are always honest about the pros and cons of a treatment and about the feasibility of the result. Where necessary, we refer you to specialists that we have in-house or in our network.

Our challenge and passion is to harmonize your body shape, as naturally as possible and with as few scars as possible. We do this using a unique method.

Our Method

Prepare, Protect and Regenerate

Years of experience, fascination and research into healing scars have produced a method that heals the body as beautifully as possible. After all, you would rather not see the traces of an operation on your body.
Our method consists of the phases: Prepare, Protect and Regenerate. In order for scars to heal as beautifully as possible, it is necessary that the immune system is activated in the first two phases (Prepare and Protect). In the last phase (Regenerate), the immune system is restored to its original state. To minimize complications from surgery, it is important to feel at ease before and after the procedure. At Mittsu we guide you in this. We look at what you specifically need. You will be informed personally in a conversation, as well as in writing. There is complete transparency and clarity. We are easily accessible for problems or complaints during all phases of the treatment. We maintain close contact with you.

What happens at every stage?

Phase 1: Prepare

Two weeks before the surgery, you start preparing your body. We recommend dietary supplements that boost your immune system and a special cream that you can apply where the procedure will take place. In this phase you refrain from smoking and the use of alcohol, coffee and tea. In addition, sufficient rest and sleep is important. To relax your body and mind, we support you with relaxation exercises and advice. This way you bring your body in optimal condition. A day before the procedure, we advise you not to work, but to do something relaxing. Before and after surgery you are in an environment with soothing and restorative scents and music. During the procedure you can put on headphones, with music that lowers your stress levels.

Phase 2: Protect

You will receive protection for the wound and the area around it. You use a protective cream for the wound and special supplements that further strengthen the immune system, so that the healing process runs as smoothly as possible. Up to four weeks afther the surgery you take it easy. If necessary, you wear compressure garnments. In this phase it is necessary to avoid intensive sports.

Phase 3: Regenerate

From the fifth week on, wound healing is already on its way. We recommend natural supplements that your immune system needs during this phase. You use a cream that helps to prevent too much scarring. We provide targeted advice to promote blood flow to the treated area.