About us

The best of both worlds

We, Dr. Frank Niessen (plastic surgeon) and Belinda Roerig (skin therapist and beauty coach), are the driving force behind Mittsu Institute. Our collaboration combines our professional experience, our talents and the male and female aspect. So we can offer you the best of both worlds.
Your questions and wishes are our guideline. We take the time for you and like to have a conversation in a casual atmosphere.

Dr. Frank Niessen, plastic surgeon

“I listen without judging and try to fully empathize with the problem. Together we will find the best solution. ”

“I watch someone’s eyes. There you can see the beauty inside. Eyes reflect whether someone is feeling well. I listen without judging and try to fully empathize with the problem. Together we then come to the best solution. That solution must be beautiful and above all natural. It should not only look natural, it should feel that way. “

“For me, beauty is in a natural harmony where everything is in the right proportion. I bring back the harmony. By restoring a person’s youthful glow, the correct elasticity of the skin and underlying tissues, or by making the proportions right again. So that “inside” and “outside” correspond. “

Training and experience

I am educated and trained as a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon and I work as a staff member at the Amsterdam University Medical Center (AUMC) and as a plastic and regenerative surgeon at the Mittsu Institute in Amsterdam. At the AUMC I am the head of the “ScarClinic”, a clinic for abnormal scar formation.

In 1999 I obtained my PhD in Utrecht on a special form of scar formation.

In 2006 I moved to Amsterdam to work at the VUmc and the Jan van Goyenkliniek. I gained extra cosmetic experience in renowned clinics in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Bangkok, Tunis and Istanbul.


Nowadays I am involved in aesthetic as well as reconstructive cosmetic surgery, where I mainly specialize in the area of ​​the face and breasts. I combine academic research into scar formation and wound healing with research into lipofilling, capsular formation and autoimmune complaints. Because I am at home in a wide area, I have developed a sharp intuition for the right choice or application in an operation.

The feeling of harmony should be just right, both on the inside and outside. Therefore, the feeling of both body and mind should match. You should feel what you see, and vice versa. Only then you can really shine again.

I do surgery not only with my head and hands, but also with my heart.


Member of the Dutch Association of Plastic Surgery
Dutch Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Dutch Association for cleft lip and palate and craniofacial abnormalities
Keloid Research Foundation

Belinda Roerig, Skin therapist and beauty coach

 “I think it is important that the wishes and the feasibility of the result are discussed fairly.”

“What makes someone beautiful? What is attractive? What do you keep looking at? Beauty is not in perfection. Perfection is performed in the treatment or surgery. For me, beauty and appeal has to do with whether you feel comfortable with yourself. “

“I think it is important that all questions have been answered before the procedure, including those that you may not dare to ask. So that the wishes and feasibility of the result are discussed fairly. I want to inspire people to see that they can love who they are, with everything there is. “

Training and experience

HBO skin therapist (HU). At Mittsu I am responsible for business operations, contact with patients and additional skin therapies, beauty coaching and beauty treatments. I worked for ten years as a consultant plastic surgery, injectables, skin therapy in the Aesthetic Center Jan van Goyen. Before that I worked at Medea Aesthetics as a skin therapist and consultant plastic surgery.

Areas of focus and therapies

Together with the specialist and the client, I draw up the treatment plan and offer additional treatments and therapies for the aesthetic surgical procedures.

I can coach you in your wishes in the field of plastic surgery, injectables and skin therapy. Which therapy is best for you? What therapy is the best to start with? With which Budget? I look at your needs in a total package of tools and can work with you to determine the right route to achieve the desired result. I am looking further than only the outside look and coach you on inner beauty as well.

Concerning skin therapy, I specialize in treating skin aging and preventing/slow down skin aging. You can contact me for treating sun damage, pigment spots, uneven and dull skintone, wrinkles, skin slackening and scars. Together we work towards the desired beautiful, even and radiant skin.

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  • Waiting time consultation: On average 3-4 weeks
  • Waiting time surgery: on average 4 weeks after the 1st consultation.

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For the insured care, we request that you bring a referral from the general practitioner.

We facturate for your Insurance in the name of the Amsterdam Clinics Foundation. We do not have a contract with the health insurer, but we can facturate under the pass-by rate. The insurer pays you an average of 40-100% of our rate on the invoice amount.
In order not to face unexpected costs, we advise you to check in advance with your health insurer what rate they reimburse. Also take into account that the own risk is deducted by the insurer.

The amount of the operation if insured by the health insurer must be paid in full to Mittsu in advance. According to the statutory deadlines set by the health insurer, we may send the insured invoice (s) for the operation and consultations three months after the operation.
You will receive the invoice (s) from us separately from our treatment agreement and you submit it to your health insurer. The amount that the health insurer then reimburses to you is then entirely for you.